Delancey Top Review


After this photoshoot, one of my friends saw me wearing this top and told me that she absolutely loved it because it looked so comfy, casual, and cute….and she was absolutely right. This gorgeous Delancey top from Gray Monroe boutique, is perfect for the summer, it’s breezy, breathable, and so much fun. This casual peplum style, makes me want to dance!


I paired this top with my black fedora, ripped jeans, and white shoes. I love the feel of it because it is so cute and casual, yet full personality. This top is so comfortable because it’s made out of a T-shirt/jersey material that almost makes you feel like you’re wearing pajamas. Which I can’t think of anything better than looking super fashionable, yet feeling like you’re in your pajamas. I love that!

Basically, I’m saying I could wear this shirt all day, and then maybe into the next! ❤️ Go check out their website because they have this shirt in a few different colors. I chose this color because it is my favorite and I feel that it looks good on every skin tone. Don’t forget to use my beauty code for a great discount!!

I will be featuring some more looks from the fabulous Gray Monroe Boutique with you later this week. Can’t wait to share them with you, remember to use my beauty code when you check out for a great discount!!!

Also make sure you follow them for updates on sales and new items!! 💕


Love you all, I hope you were inspired!

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