Poppy & Dot Floral Skirt Review

This floral skirt is so beautiful. Not only is it beautiful but it is super comfy – no zipper needed. It is soft, stretchy and smooth and it so easy to put on and to wear.


I paired this gorgeous skirt with this flowly white top,  this super cute black choker, and strappy Poppys and Dot black wedges. I am also going to review this beauties!! Stay tuned! 💕

If you buy this skirt, I would recommend pairing it with a flowly top or a top that is a little bit loose, because it’ll help proportion the tighter skirt.  Another thing that I absolutely love about this skirt, are the rich colors and the pattern, I think it is so dreamy and beautiful.

Plus, I think Poppys and Dot is such a unique and special boutique because you can buy your clothes directly off their instagram page 👇

Poppy and Dot sells their items a little differently and I  absolutely love it, and is so simple and easy to buy gorgeous close. They allow their followers to purchase directly through their Instagram posts, simply by commenting “sold”. @poppyanddot

This makes it super easy and fun for their customers to shop!!!

Hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful week 💕


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