Gray Monroe – Bellamy Top Review

This gorgeous black and white top from Gray Monroe with asymmetric lines on my shoulders and chest made me feel so beautiful and fancy. I even felt a little 50s inspired with the way I did my hair and the shape of the shirt. It was so much fun shooting this outfit, because seriously everything is so much more fun when you feel beautiful and put together. 💕

What style clothing makes you feel beautiful? No matter what your body shape I think that off the shoulder dresses or shirts can be very flattering. This shirt is flattering because it was off the shoulder and fitted and it brings attention to my shoulders, neck, face and waist 💕🎉


I feel that this shirt is such a fun addition to my wardrobe for the summer! I paired this gorgeous Bellamy shirt with some of my new favorite jeans, these fuchsia pumps and simple Kendra Scott jewelry.

Ladies, if you want to feel voluptuous and a little spicy for a date night/girls night, then this shirt is for you!

Check out all the fabulous pieces that Gray Monroes have in stock!! You will not be disappointed!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Michelle Hammons

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