Balance Me Face Mask Review

I am always a little nervous to try new facial products because my skin has a tendancy to break out, however I was excited because this product states it is 98% natural. I have used other natural products and my skin does pretty well.

I received this product through my Birchbox subscription. If you haven’t heard of Birchbox I’m going to do another blog specifically highlighting this company. šŸ’• This fabulous company sends out high end beauty product sample every month and it only cost $10 to be a part of this exclusive program. šŸ’•

After receiving this product, I couldn’t wait to write this review.


I truly believe that face masks should be a part of every woman’s beauty routine, they help tighten and tone your pores and each mask has unique ingredients that help to hydrate, clarify and rejuvenate your skin. Balance Me Radiance Face Mask promises to polish, hydrate and smooth.

The process šŸ‘‡

I washed my face and I took off all of my make up and then šŸ‘‰ I put on the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask. The directions indicate that you can keep the mask on for five minutes. I set my timer and I finished my nightly routine. When I put this mask on my face I felt a tingling, and a refreshing sensation. It almost felt like a cooling effect. The mask did not harden, it just got a little thicker. When the five minutes was up, I washed off the mask with a damp cloth and warm water and I examined my skin. To my surprise I felt like my pores had gotten a little tighter and my face felt replenished.

Obviously with consistent use you will see more significant changes. However, I was thrilled that after I use this product my skin did not break out.

I hope that this review helped bring clarity about this product, I am definitely going to use this I don’t more regular basis. Love you all and hope you’re having an amazing day!


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