Fancy Frills Boutique Maxi Dress Review

The shoot was completely magical, I felt like I stepped into a scene from the Secret Garden. 🌻🌸🌷

Let me set the stage for this photoshoot, we had the opportunity to shoot at a gorgeous garden full of wildflowers. It was such an amazing experience and I’m so thrilled that I got to feature this dress while experiencing such beauty. This gorgeous dress from Fancy Frills Boutique is so comfortable. Even though it has three-quarter length sleeves, it is super breezy because the material is very breathable and light.



This is the style dress that will carry over into fall. I absolutely love versatile pieces of clothing. The fact that this is a solid color dress, makes it even more versatile. You can add a belt, a long necklace, choker, vest, or jacket to add your own personality to this classic piece.

I added this gorgeous lace vest and this long necklace for a touch of glam.

You can check out some of the other gorgeous pieces that this boutique offers click here for great deals and discounts.


Have you ever worn something that made you feel whimsical and fantastic all at the same time?
Hope you’re having a wonderful day!! πŸ’•

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