Vacation Sunnies Review For

I was so thrilled and excited to collaborate with for our first family of 4 vacation. Not only was it sweet McKenna’s first time on a plane, (which I was a little nervous about) but it was also our sons first time to go to Florida beaches. He absolutely loved the gorgeous clear waters of Key Largo, Hollywood beach, and South Beach. He played, laughed and splashed everyone around him.

It was such a fun moment and a memory that we will cherish. Have you ever taken your kids to the beach? Well if you have, we all know that going to the beach requires a few key items.

1. Sunglasses
2. Beach towels
3. Beach bag
4. Extra clothes FOR EVERYONE
5. Sunscreen (I use Arbonne sunscreen for my kiddos)
6. Sandals
7. Cash
8. Snacks/Water/Juice
9. Gum
10. Beach hats
11. Beach toys for the kids

What do you make sure you bring to the beach? Moms everywhere, please help me out for our next beach adventures, I would love any tips!! šŸ’•šŸ‘‰Please help his momma out!!!


Today I’m going to be talking about these fabulous sunglasses. They are amazing and I’m so thankful I got to collaborate with These glasses were only $8.99 which I think is absolutely perfect for beachwear!!

They are durable, cute and they come in so many different colors and styles! I am definitely adding the link to my blog so you can go and get yourself some for this summer. Seriously, even if they only last for summer, they are definitely worth $8.99!

I wore these beauties our entire vacation and I was so thankful for the cute style, and coverage. I also love the frame, the gold details add personality and a little sas to these sunnies!

Go and check them out now and let me know what you think and I can’t wait to hear all of your beach going tips!!! šŸ’•

Love you all ā¤ļø


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