Busy Beauty Showerless Shaving Gel Review

Beauties, I had opportunity to collaborate with Busy Beauty and was thrilled to use Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel while we were on our first family vacation of four!! I was so thankful I had this product. I absolutely loved it because when we were going from beach to beach and from house to hotel, I didn’t have to worry that I might not have time to shave my legs. Instead, I just had to make sure I had a razor and this amazing Busy Beauty showerless shave gel and I was good to go.


I was eager to try this product, because I LOVE products that make my life easier. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like products that make their life MORE SIMPLE πŸ‘‰ therefore, I couldn’t wait to share this review.

Since I have pretty sensitive skin, I questioned if I would get razor burn after using this Busy Beauty product. However, I am so thrilled to share that I did not get any razor burn. I was also amazed at how smooth and moisturized my skin felt after using this showerless shaving gel.

I truly believe this is a must-have beauty product for the summer, I will definitely carry this with me on any vacation or weekend trip that we take! Thank you Busy Beauty for sending me this product. Ladies, if you like products that make your life more simple, go and get this now, you will absolutely love it!!!



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