I Heart You Maxi – Blush Dress Review

Have you ever worn something that made you feel elegant, classy, and absolutely stunning all at the same time? Well, this dress does exactly that. I am so thankful and excited to be collaborating with Southern Jewlz Boutique to show off this gorgeous gown.


When I first received this dress, I was elated by the quality and cut of this dress. The color is such a beautiful blush, that I feel is perfect for any spring or summer occasion. I would wear this gorgeous dress to a spring/summer wedding, an elegant date night or classy party.

I also wanted to point out the feminine details around my neck and collarbone, these gorgeous ruffles add character, personality, and interest. They bring the focus to my face, which is always a details that I look for in clothing.

I believe it is very important to buy clothes that accentuate your natural beauty and don’t take away from your gorgeous face or figure.


Also if you’re looking for gorgeous, trendy, beautiful pieces for the summer or the fall….THEN 👉 go and check out Southern Jewlz Boutique right now and get connected to the community! You’re absolutely going to love their site and all of the information they share. You can find out about their new creative interns, the gorgeous summer brand models, and even more about the fabulous owner. Don’t miss out on all the fun and deals happening now at Southern Jewlz Boutique!

Follow Southern Jewlz on Instagram 👇


Love you all and hope you enjoyed!! 💕

Michelle Hammons ❤️



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