10 Benefits Of Coconut Water!

Hey beauties, I absolutely love coconut water! One of my friends started drinking it a few years ago and she let me have one of her bottles, and since then, I’ve been hooked!! I fell in love with the tastes and benefits of coconut water!


After feeling the positive effects of drinking coconut water, I wanted to do some research and share with you all how coconut water can improve your life.

Here are 10 facts that I found through “Coconut Water For Health and Healing” by Dr. Bruce Fife

1. Prevent cancer
2. excellent rehydration sports drink
3. Helps with hair growth
4. Balances blood sugar
5. Boost energy levels
6. Relieve constipation
7. Natural diuretic
8. Improves blood cholesterol levels
9. Enhances immune system
10. Aids in kidney function

If these facts do not encourage you to drink coconut water, I do not know what will! My husband did not love the taste at first, so I found different brands that carry flavored coconut water. He likes the pineapple flavored coconut water the best!

Recently, I have also found Popsicles that are coconut water flavor!! They are a great snack for our sweet son after he has been playing outside, jumping on the trampoline or swimming!

Love you all, hope you’re having amazing day!!



6 thoughts on “10 Benefits Of Coconut Water!

  1. The ideal is to take the coconut water, not industrialized, from the coconut itself, which we have a lot here in Brazil;
    In fact, no industrialized food is ideal.
    It is the chemical excess we ingest generates health problems.
    Even among natural foods, there are foods more appropriate than others.
    Health and happiness!


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