Lace Trimmed Kimono Review For

Hope you’re having an amazing day, I couldn’t wait to share this with you ๐Ÿ‘‰ This gorgeous white lace trimmed kimono is such a beautiful piece. The delicate fabric is so soft and comfortable, and the gorgeous lace trim adds elegance and beauty. These intricate details make this piece so unique and special.


I really enjoyed collaborating with in order to showcase this gorgeous kimono. I paired this gorgeous piece with a funky summer dress, caramel belts and headband! I love to mix and match pattern, and textures and I loved the way this outfit flowed together. Remember, that when you are putting your outfits together, they don’t have to match perfectly they just have to go together! Just don’t take yourself too seriously, have fun with your wardrobe!

Also, I couldn’t wait to share this photo shoot with you guys because this shoot felt like a dream. We were so lucky to find this gorgeous field of sunflowers! Have any of you ever danced in a field of wildflowers, or sunflowers and felt overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounded you? Well, that is exactly how I felt! Kind of like I was in the movie lol

Therefore Beauties, I want to encourage you to take a break today, turn on some music, let any overwhelming thought go and just start dancing! Embrace the moment because time is a gift, and it is essential that we live in the precious present! Hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoyed this Review, love you guys!!

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