Daily Greatness Journal Review + GIVEAWAY

I am so excited about my new Daily Greatness Parent Journal!! I am always looking for resources to help improve my parenting skills, while empowering me to be the best mom, teacher, and encourager I can be to our sweet kiddos! I am learning that everything is about balance and this Journal is an amazing tool that helps accomplish just that!!


Here are the a few of the things that the amazing daily greatness parent journal offers.

1. Self care goal planning system
2. Daily guided journal
3. Gratitude journal
4. Weekly and quarterly family planners
5. Reflection and clarity worksheets
6. Inspirational quotes
7. Day to a view planner
8. Appointment planner
9. Inspirational quotes
10. Weekly, quarterly and yearly check ins

Plus this innovative journal does not have a start date so whenever you receive this journal you can start from the beginning and use each section to fit your lifestyle and parenting style.

Another thing that I absolutely love about this company is that Daily Greatness offers so many other specifically focused journals.

For example The daily greatness business journal, wellness journal, yoga journal, practical life journal and training journal! Here are a few pictures and the link for you to order yours now!! I really want to order another one for business and training, I can’t wait to get my hands on those I know they will help realign my calls and refocus my efforts so that I can accomplish more every single day!

Also, today The giveaway is starting at 9:00 pm – Wednesday July 26, 2012 9:00 pm

I will announce the winner July 26 at 10 PM

Here is what you need to do to qualify for this amazing giveaway!

1. Like The picture on my Instagram, Facebook or blog 👉 here is the link
2. Make a comment, or tag a friend!

Looking forward to sharing this amazing resource with all of you gorgeous deserving Moms!!!

Blessings and have success your way,

Michelle Hammons

One thought on “Daily Greatness Journal Review + GIVEAWAY

  1. LOVE THIS CONCEPT!!!! Will definitely go to their site and look at everything they offer. These would make wonderful gifts!!!!


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