Sneaky Vaunt Review

I am so excited to share this with you! It has been so much fun trying this product out! I’ve seen it all over my newsfeed, and when the company reached out to me, I was thrilled with the opportunity to review the Sneaky Vaunt.

The Sneaky Vaunt is the perfect accessory for any summer outfit, it is a bra that is backless and strapless!

I finally have the perfect accessory to wear with one of my favorite summer dress. There have been a couple times that I wanted to wear this dress but I’ve struggled because it has a lacey back that is see-through, so wearing a regular bra would look tacky. I put the Sneaky Vaunt on and it was absolutely perfect.

When I first opened my new Sneaky Vaunt, I was impressed with the packaging, I thought it was so cute and well packaged to preserve the product. Then I looked at the product and it was a super simple concept, that was engineered to help every girl out during the summer, a girls night out, or a wedding.

I read the directions that came with the sneaky vaunt and I tried it out!

Here is my experience 💕

The inside is very sticky, I like that because when I first put it on, it’s stuck in place perfectly. 👉 Then we did the photoshoot for this product, due to it being about 100° here, I had a little bit of perspiration….. lol and the stickiness lessened and I felt that it wasn’t working as well. However, in most cases you will not be in 100° weather doing a photo shoot, so I definitely recommend this product!! Overall, I really enjoyed this product and I’m looking forward to wearing it a few more times this summer and maybe pairing it with a dress for an upcoming wedding!!

I am so thankful that I finally had an accessory that I can use was so many of my summer dresses!

You can get yours here!!

Let me know what you think and do you have any dresses that you would love to pair with the Sneaky Vault?

One thought on “Sneaky Vaunt Review

  1. It’s amazing! As you know, summer is a season to welcome beautiful dresses. The sneaky vault is really a perfect accessories for halter dress and backless dress.


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