11 Life Changing Declarations

On every single one of my newsfeeds, it seems like everyone is in a season of getting married or having a baby. Even though, I am thrilled for all of my friends in these seasons, especially for our sweet friend in this picture who is about to have baby Charleston (my daughters NEW best friend)

👉 I know that it can be challenging for others who aren't in the same season. I work with so many women, and a lot of friends who are in a different season. Whether it is a season of not being pregnant or remaining single, it is essential that we embrace every moment that we have been given.

So many times, we get caught up in comparing our lives to others, or thinking that we have missed the mark or season. BUT that is not the truth and we have to be careful to not compare our lives to anyone else's BECAUSE Comparison is the quickest way to lose joy!

So, beauties EVERYWHERE! Don't look at your newsfeed, to find value or validation for the season you are in, INSTEAD declare the truth over your life!!! Here are 11 declarations to make over yourself this week and everyday so that you are prepared and in the right position to make the most of every single day!

I am fearfully and wonderfully made
I am perfect just as I am
I am capable to accomplish my dreams
I am prepared
I am loved
I am accepted
I am created to make a positive impact
I am Full of peace
I am full of joy
I am able to FREELY give
I am a leader

I hope you are encouraged and empowered by this truth! You are perfect, beautiful and more left and then you could ever know!! 💕

Michelle Hammons

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