Lula Roe Amelia Dress Review

I have loved trying out different styles and patterns with Meagan Parker Lula Roe! Honestly, this pattern intimidated me a little bit. The pattern was so bold and bright, I was excited yet nervous to style it. Surprisingly, when I put it on I felt a little retro, vintage and beautiful. The pattern is so much fun and I think it is an absolutely perfect combination for summer! I paired this dress with a solid black belt black, choker, and white and gold earrings. Since the pattern is so bold, bright, and beautiful, I wanted to add accents that were solid to not take away from the pattern.

I also really love the cut of the dress and the shape that it gives. Also, the style and material of the dress are very forgiving and flattering all at the same time. If you're looking for a dress that flatters your figure, I would definitely recommend this dress. Lula Roe makes this shape dress in a lot of different patterns, so if you're not super in love with this pattern, I'm sure you can find another pattern in this Amelia Dress that makes you swoon!!! Check out Meagan's Instagram and Facebook group for more information!

A few things I absolutely love about Lula Roe Clothing!

1. The patterns are special, unique, and one-of-a-kind
2. The material is durable and comfortable (so comfortable I feel like I'm in pajamas)
3. Every piece is extremely affordable
4. This line of clothing is literally made from children to women in their 80s, so no matter what your style, there is a piece specifically made for you!!!
5. The style of each piece is very well-made and flattering

These are the top five reasons why I have a really enjoyed my new Lula Roe pieces! Thank you again to Meagan Parker Lula Roe for giving me this gorgeous outfit! Beauties, stay tuned, more Lula Roe reviews coming this month!!

Also, make sure you follow @LulaRoemeaganparker for deals, discounts and inspiration!

Love you all! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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