Fall Floral Dress Review For Bluish And Co.

I might be a little obsessed with this dress! The cut is fabulous, it is so versatile and the perfect transition dress from summer to fall! It's breezy and beautiful yet the flowers and the colors of the flowers can totally transition into fall.

I am so thankful for this collaboration with Bluish and Co. because it has not only been a pleasure working with this company, but the dress is so well-made and it might be my new favorite piece for the fall!!! This amazing boutique is full of cute trends, and unique, beautiful, yet classic pieces for fall! You have to check them out you will not be disappointed.

I absolutely love this dress because it is so versital. I know already said that but I can't say it enough. I have already styled this dress three different ways. However, today I put an olive green vest over the dress to add a layer, dimension, and a touch of fall. Then, I added this braided camel belt and cute tan booties!

Style tips:
1. When transitioning into Fall, look for warmer colors such as olive green or deep hues of maroon.
2. These colors that look really good on every skin tone, so don't be afraid to add heads of these colors into your outfit.
3. By adding a vest, booties, or a jean shirt to your summer outfit, that will instantly make your outfit look more Fall inspired.

Another thing that I absolutely love about this dress, is the high neck. Wearing a high neck dress or shirt with a pattern is one of the easiest pieces to style. You don't have to think about a necklace and you can wear minimal jewelry, but you still look put together and polished.

Find all he details and trends HERE!! 👉

Make sure you check out BLUISH AND CO, I know you are going to love this boutique and all the styles that they offer! Let me know what your favorite shirt or dress or pants are from there boutique!!

Love you guys, hope you enjoyed!

One thought on “Fall Floral Dress Review For Bluish And Co.

  1. LOVE THIS DRESS TOO!!!! Anything that can be worn several different ways is definitely an item for my closet!!!! I will be sure to check out their sight!!!! The clothes look really comfortable and I like the designs and colors!!!!


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