Meagan Parker Lula Roe Beauty Queen Of The Week

I am so excited to feature the beautiful, talented, innovative businesswoman Meagan Parker as our beauty queen of the week. Her story will empower and inspire you Break free from complacency in order to make your dreams a reality.

When did you behind your business?

Four years ago I joined Lularoe as the 83rd retailer and the first past Utah.

Why did you join Lula Roe?I saw an opportunity to become a small business owner selling maxi skirts and ran with it.

What made you want to begin a new career?

Well, At the time I was a mommy of two little boys and was traveling 4 days a week back and forth from Annapolis Maryland to Boston for work. I had recently been promoted to the Vice President of new business development for a healthcare company so my workload was already full, however, I knew I could do big things with Lularoe. Every free moment I had from being a mommy or a full time employee I spent strategizing and working my lularoe business.

Because I was the first retailer on the east coast, I had to work extra hard to develop brand recognition. Booming popups and finding customers wasn’t a walk in the park but I never gave up. I had my eye on the prize…being able to one day work for myself.

When where you able to quit your full-time job to be your own boss?That day finally came 10 months later, Deanne Stidham the owner flew out to Maryland to attend the first ever Lularoe team training. It was an honor to not only have her and her husband Mark in attendance but to be recognized as the top leader in the company.

How is your business doing now?

Fast forward to present day, I still have the number one team in the company, Lularoe has grown to 60k retailers nationwide, and we now sell 38 clothing items to women everywhere. However, the one thing that has stayed consistent is the my love for the Amelia dress. This dress changed my life, it’s the dress that led me to Lularoe and the dress that always makes me feel beautiful. Lularoe has changed the way women shop for clothes in its entirety. What women love about Lularoe are the relationships you create all because you decided to shop local.

I absolutely love Meagan’s story of success, because it just proves that with hard work, determination, passion, and perseverance you can and will accomplish your dreams!! Make sure you follow Meaghan Parker on all her social media outlets to stay up to date with all the deals and discounts!!!!

Love you all ❤️

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