Fall Floral Dress Review For Bluish And Co.

I might be a little obsessed with this dress! The cut is fabulous, it is so versatile and the perfect transition dress from summer to fall! It's breezy and beautiful yet the flowers and the colors of the flowers can totally transition into fall.

I am so thankful for this collaboration with Bluish and Co. because it has not only been a pleasure working with this company, but the dress is so well-made and it might be my new favorite piece for the fall!!! This amazing boutique is full of cute trends, and unique, beautiful, yet classic pieces for fall! You have to check them out you will not be disappointed.

I absolutely love this dress because it is so versital. I know already said that but I can't say it enough. I have already styled this dress three different ways. However, today I put an olive green vest over the dress to add a layer, dimension, and a touch of fall. Then, I added this braided camel belt and cute tan booties!

Style tips:
1. When transitioning into Fall, look for warmer colors such as olive green or deep hues of maroon.
2. These colors that look really good on every skin tone, so don't be afraid to add heads of these colors into your outfit.
3. By adding a vest, booties, or a jean shirt to your summer outfit, that will instantly make your outfit look more Fall inspired.

Another thing that I absolutely love about this dress, is the high neck. Wearing a high neck dress or shirt with a pattern is one of the easiest pieces to style. You don't have to think about a necklace and you can wear minimal jewelry, but you still look put together and polished.

Find all he details and trends HERE!! 👉

Make sure you check out BLUISH AND CO, I know you are going to love this boutique and all the styles that they offer! Let me know what your favorite shirt or dress or pants are from there boutique!!

Love you guys, hope you enjoyed!

Summer Memories + New School Year Inspiration

Sweet friend!! This was our first summer having two kiddos! I can't believe how our lives have drastically changed in the course of a year and a half! If you have been following our story, you know that we adopted our son, and then had our sweet baby girl. It was truly miraculous how it all came together and such a testimony to God's faithfulness and love! We do our best to cherish every moment we have with our kids and to always remain humble and thankful knowing that all the good that surrounds us comes from God, and God alone!!

What about you? What did your summer look like? Was it what you had imagined or planned?

I hope it was more than you ever expected! Ours definitely blew us away. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervous and apprehensive about having a three month old and a six-year-old headed into summer but I have learned from so many of my friends that it's essential to be flexible, forgiving, and full of JOY!

(Just so you know my daughter is on a sleep schedule, and a schedule with her naps but I am learning to be a little more flexible and it has made a huge difference in the peace in our home.)

Here are some of our favorite memories from this summer. I would love to hear about some of yours as well!!

1. We went to Miami on our first family vacation of four! Our sweet son and daughter both loved the beach!!

2. We got a new pool and our son learned how to swim like a fish, I'm not joking, he absolutely loves the water!! He told me that was his favorite thing he did this summer, to swim with his friends and family!

3. We got a new fifth wheel, and went on a three week camping vacation! Have you ever been camping? What were some of the things you did that made it easier!?

4. We went to the sea aquarium in Miami and our sweet son realized he wanted to be a marine biologist/scientist.

5. We went to our Beachhouse and spent a lot of time with our friends and family!

6. We went on an exotic safari ride in Wimberley Texas, and it was amazing.

7. We went to Discover kids camp as a family and our son was blessed and LOVED it!

We are so thankful for the sweet memories and all the other ones we had the privilege of making! Even though our summer has come to an end with our son starting school tomorrow, we are overwhelmed with the hope of all the possibilities to come!

I just want to encourage all of you moms and families to know that God has already planned out this year for your children. Your kids are prepared and in the perfect position to accomplish all of their goals and dreams for the school year!

Praying for all of the families, teachers and children going back to school this week, that you would be full of supernatural peace! You are specifically designed to empower, teach and inspire those around you. Don't be overwhelmed with things that don't go your way, but instead, know that God is with you and has gone before you and has paved away. Jeremiah 29:11 You are amazing, and you are a blessing and a light to everyone you meet!!

Love you all so much and I'm so excited for all this year has to offer!!

Lula Roe Amelia Dress Review

I have loved trying out different styles and patterns with Meagan Parker Lula Roe! Honestly, this pattern intimidated me a little bit. The pattern was so bold and bright, I was excited yet nervous to style it. Surprisingly, when I put it on I felt a little retro, vintage and beautiful. The pattern is so much fun and I think it is an absolutely perfect combination for summer! I paired this dress with a solid black belt black, choker, and white and gold earrings. Since the pattern is so bold, bright, and beautiful, I wanted to add accents that were solid to not take away from the pattern.

I also really love the cut of the dress and the shape that it gives. Also, the style and material of the dress are very forgiving and flattering all at the same time. If you're looking for a dress that flatters your figure, I would definitely recommend this dress. Lula Roe makes this shape dress in a lot of different patterns, so if you're not super in love with this pattern, I'm sure you can find another pattern in this Amelia Dress that makes you swoon!!! Check out Meagan's Instagram and Facebook group for more information!

A few things I absolutely love about Lula Roe Clothing!

1. The patterns are special, unique, and one-of-a-kind
2. The material is durable and comfortable (so comfortable I feel like I'm in pajamas)
3. Every piece is extremely affordable
4. This line of clothing is literally made from children to women in their 80s, so no matter what your style, there is a piece specifically made for you!!!
5. The style of each piece is very well-made and flattering

These are the top five reasons why I have a really enjoyed my new Lula Roe pieces! Thank you again to Meagan Parker Lula Roe for giving me this gorgeous outfit! Beauties, stay tuned, more Lula Roe reviews coming this month!!

Also, make sure you follow @LulaRoemeaganparker for deals, discounts and inspiration!

Love you all! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

11 Life Changing Declarations

On every single one of my newsfeeds, it seems like everyone is in a season of getting married or having a baby. Even though, I am thrilled for all of my friends in these seasons, especially for our sweet friend in this picture who is about to have baby Charleston (my daughters NEW best friend)

👉 I know that it can be challenging for others who aren't in the same season. I work with so many women, and a lot of friends who are in a different season. Whether it is a season of not being pregnant or remaining single, it is essential that we embrace every moment that we have been given.

So many times, we get caught up in comparing our lives to others, or thinking that we have missed the mark or season. BUT that is not the truth and we have to be careful to not compare our lives to anyone else's BECAUSE Comparison is the quickest way to lose joy!

So, beauties EVERYWHERE! Don't look at your newsfeed, to find value or validation for the season you are in, INSTEAD declare the truth over your life!!! Here are 11 declarations to make over yourself this week and everyday so that you are prepared and in the right position to make the most of every single day!

I am fearfully and wonderfully made
I am perfect just as I am
I am capable to accomplish my dreams
I am prepared
I am loved
I am accepted
I am created to make a positive impact
I am Full of peace
I am full of joy
I am able to FREELY give
I am a leader

I hope you are encouraged and empowered by this truth! You are perfect, beautiful and more left and then you could ever know!! 💕

Michelle Hammons

Sneaky Vaunt Review

I am so excited to share this with you! It has been so much fun trying this product out! I’ve seen it all over my newsfeed, and when the company reached out to me, I was thrilled with the opportunity to review the Sneaky Vaunt.

The Sneaky Vaunt is the perfect accessory for any summer outfit, it is a bra that is backless and strapless!

I finally have the perfect accessory to wear with one of my favorite summer dress. There have been a couple times that I wanted to wear this dress but I’ve struggled because it has a lacey back that is see-through, so wearing a regular bra would look tacky. I put the Sneaky Vaunt on and it was absolutely perfect.

When I first opened my new Sneaky Vaunt, I was impressed with the packaging, I thought it was so cute and well packaged to preserve the product. Then I looked at the product and it was a super simple concept, that was engineered to help every girl out during the summer, a girls night out, or a wedding.

I read the directions that came with the sneaky vaunt and I tried it out!

Here is my experience 💕

The inside is very sticky, I like that because when I first put it on, it’s stuck in place perfectly. 👉 Then we did the photoshoot for this product, due to it being about 100° here, I had a little bit of perspiration….. lol and the stickiness lessened and I felt that it wasn’t working as well. However, in most cases you will not be in 100° weather doing a photo shoot, so I definitely recommend this product!! Overall, I really enjoyed this product and I’m looking forward to wearing it a few more times this summer and maybe pairing it with a dress for an upcoming wedding!!

I am so thankful that I finally had an accessory that I can use was so many of my summer dresses!

You can get yours here!!

Let me know what you think and do you have any dresses that you would love to pair with the Sneaky Vault?

Daily Greatness Giveaway WINNERS

I am so excited to announce the winners of our Daily Greatness parents journal! I'm so thrilled to be collaborating with Daily Greatness to give 3 gorgeous mamas this amazing journal! Thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway, if you did not win this time, I will be doing other giveaways later this year!

Beautiful winners HERE are the 4 simple steps to take in order to claim your prize!

Jennifer Watson

1. I have already emailed Daily Greatness with the names of YOU gorgeous mama's, so they will be expecting an email from you.
2. Send them an email to support@dailygreatness.co to let them know that you are one of the winners of the BEAUTYLIFECOACH giveaway
3. Let them know how excited you are and give them your address
4. THEN 👉 Daily Greatness will send you your prize!

I am so excited for you all and I can't wait to hear about how much you love your new Daily Greatness Parent Journal!!


Michelle Hammons

Daily Greatness Journal Review + GIVEAWAY

I am so excited about my new Daily Greatness Parent Journal!! I am always looking for resources to help improve my parenting skills, while empowering me to be the best mom, teacher, and encourager I can be to our sweet kiddos! I am learning that everything is about balance and this Journal is an amazing tool that helps accomplish just that!!


Here are the a few of the things that the amazing daily greatness parent journal offers.

1. Self care goal planning system
2. Daily guided journal
3. Gratitude journal
4. Weekly and quarterly family planners
5. Reflection and clarity worksheets
6. Inspirational quotes
7. Day to a view planner
8. Appointment planner
9. Inspirational quotes
10. Weekly, quarterly and yearly check ins

Plus this innovative journal does not have a start date so whenever you receive this journal you can start from the beginning and use each section to fit your lifestyle and parenting style.

Another thing that I absolutely love about this company is that Daily Greatness offers so many other specifically focused journals.

For example The daily greatness business journal, wellness journal, yoga journal, practical life journal and training journal! Here are a few pictures and the link for you to order yours now!! I really want to order another one for business and training, I can’t wait to get my hands on those I know they will help realign my calls and refocus my efforts so that I can accomplish more every single day!

Also, today The giveaway is starting at 9:00 pm – Wednesday July 26, 2012 9:00 pm

I will announce the winner July 26 at 10 PM

Here is what you need to do to qualify for this amazing giveaway!

1. Like The picture on my Instagram, Facebook or blog 👉 here is the link
2. Make a comment, or tag a friend!

Looking forward to sharing this amazing resource with all of you gorgeous deserving Moms!!!

Blessings and have success your way,

Michelle Hammons

10 Uses For Coconut Oil

Is this weird… That I like to do a coconut oil hair mask while using coconut oil to make dinner?  Lol ahh ladies,  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love coconut oil!!

Coconut oil has so many different ESSENTIAL functions, and I couldn’t wait to share 10 of them with you! I know that these uses will improve your overall health and that you will love what coconut oil does to your skins, nails and hair!!


Have you ever used a coconut oil hair mask? if so, what did you think? And have you found other uses for coconut oil?

Hope you enjoyed and I can’t wait to hear what you think!! 😘🎉


Lula Roe Jill Skirt Review


Connecting with this amazing company was completely divine. I couldn’t wait to share with you a little bit of the backstory! Here’s a brief synopsis.

Our sweet family went with our cousins camping in our new fifth wheel in Johnson City, my cousin saw Megan Parker’s Lula Roo camper and had to go check it out. We literally walked down there at 10 o’clock at night and surprisingly the doors were open. McKenzie was amazing and let us come in and told me that she recognized me, and then we discovered we actually went to college together!!! The crazy thing is, she lives in Boston now, and we almost didn’t go on this trip.


I do not believe in coincidence, so I knew we reconnected for a reason! I’m so honored and excited to build a relationship with McKenzie, Meagan, and the Lula Roe brand! I will be sharing four different outfits, over the next month and I can’t wait for you to see how cute, unique, and personalized they are!

I will also be sharing the backstory about how Meagan has started her company, and how she’s gained so much success! 👉 Women everywhere, I know that you’re going to want to catch the next few blogs to be inspired about how to be a successful entrepreneur and this digital age! I’m sure Meagan has some great tips and advice just for you!

Today, I am sharing a review on this gorgeous pleated Jill skirt! I love all of the unique patterns that Lula Roe offers! This skirt is so cute and is the perfect transition piece from summer to fall! Because of the gorgeous rich hues, you can transition this piece to the fall with cute layers.


I wanted to show two looks with the skirt, I paired this gorgeous Jill Skirt with a graphic T, choker, dangling earrings and chunky bracelet. Both looks were so simple and easy to accomplish. I first knotted my shirt and wore my skirt long, secondly I tucked in my graphic T and nodded the skirt to the side. I loved this because it seems like a perfect look for a gorgeous, yet HOT summer day!


I truly believe that the skirt would look fabulous on everyone because it is flowy and sophisticated!!

Make sure to follow all of their links to stay up-to-date with the amazing deals and Discounts!!